"I spent one of the most moving and enriching months of my life in Bar Elias with EMA. My experience in the Bekaa Valley is difficult to put into words. Dr. Feras is truly exceptional in his dedication to the Syrian refugees living in the area, to whom he not simply provides medical care but also dignity, warmth and hope. He welcomed me into his family like a son and being able to help him and the other wonderful EMA volunteers was one of the greatest honours in my life. Every day, I was inspired by his warmth and kindness and that of the local people and patients, with whom we interacted. Witnessing the wonderful educational and support work performed by EMA in the local orphanage and schools was also hugely inspiring. Now back in rainy Ireland, I greatly miss the people of Bar Elias and haven't stopped telling people about the wonderful people of EMA who every day bring hope and humanity to one of the most troubled but beautiful regions of this world."


Ralph Hurley O’Dwyer, Junior Doctor - Ireland 


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What we do

We are currently running a mobile medical clinic for the refugee population in the Saadnayel/Al Marj area of the Bekaa valley. We work a 5-day week (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, varying dependant on need), this consists of 4 days a week providing medical care in the settlements using our mobile medical clinic, and 1 day a week in the local schools providing health education and awareness. We also recently developed a first aid training programme that we hope to expand over coming months.


What we see

We are mostly treating adult and paediatric primary care conditions.There are emergency, palliative, OBGYN, ENT, surgical, dermatological, and optometry cases in lesser numbers. A senior clinician will be available each day to aid decision-making andit is possible to refer to the local hospitals if necessary. The day we spend in the local schools, we treat refugee children and provide them with public health teaching. We hope to expand our service to include dental care in the near future.


Where to stay

Our base is at our volunteer apartment in Bar Elias. We can offer you subsidised accommodation and transport during your stay with us in Bekaa. The apartment is mixed (male/female), wherever possible individual bedrooms will remain single sex.