Dr. Hadia Aslam (MBChB)


Dr Hadia Aslam is the co-founder and consultant for EMA. Dr Aslam bought and then donated this van for medical clinics for Syrians and Lebanese patients in Beqaa who are in need of a mobile health service.


Dr. Feras Alghadban

Co-Founder / Lead Physician

Dr Feras Alghadban is Syrian, the co- founder and in country director for this venture. He works very long hours to maintain a service for his community.


Asma Patel

Asma Patel is the Director of EMA, who remains on the ground leading the organisation forward.


Muhannad Mohammed
Logistics and Field Coordinator

Muhannad Mohammed is a Syrian Law graduate with previous experience in Business and Finance. He has been in the role for since Autumn 2019, managing the logistical activities of EMA along with key administrative tasks.